Duo Digital Pen Mouse

Duo Dynamic Digital Pen Mouse

South Korea’s KCI Communications has developed a device that aims to make the keyboard and the mouse obsolete by putting all of those functions in one digital pen.  With the Duo "dynamic digital pen mouse," users can write or draw directly on the computer monitor, even though it is not touch screen.  They can mark up Web pages, documents, and even PowerPoint presentations in eight different languages; while at the same time, users can utilize the Duo to navigate through the desktop.

Whether it is a desktop computer or a netbook, Duo can convert any PC into a tablet computer.  However, holding up a pen onto your screen without straining your elbow and arm could pose a challenge to Duo.  Also, critics are wary whether this device would be sensitive to pressure, as adding excessive force on your computer monitor could damage the screen.

Duo Dynamic Digital Pen Mouse is now available through its official website at US$119.99, with free shipping in continental United States.

Image source:  KCI Communications

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