Dunhill Biometric Wallet

A wallet is one of those things that everyone values highly. It may contain a person’s ID’s, credit cards, family pictures as well as money- things that are all quite valuable and needs to be protected at all times. For those that need the best possible protection that a wallet can provide, nothing may come close to the level of protection that the new Dunhill Biometric Wallet may provide.

The Dunhill Biometric Wallet is not just any other ordinary wallet. For one, this special wallet is virtually indestructible since it is made out of a carbon fiber outer shell that can resist all but the most extreme efforts to forcibly open it. For some added luxury it also comes with a leather holder for credit cards and a steel money clip.

The Dunhill Biometric Wallet is also equipped with a biometric sensor linked to a lock that can only be opened using the owner’s fingerprint. This wallet can also be paired to a person’s mobile phone via Bluetooth that will sound an alarm every time both items are separated by more than 5 meters. But this wallet that offers probably the best protection for its contents does not come cheap by any means. The Dunhill Biometric Wallet is available at Dunhill for US$825, quite an expensive way to protect valuables. But that will depend on a person’s perspective.

Image Source: Dunhill

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