Duet All-In-One Floor Cleaning System

Cleaning floors can be quite a chore. First, you need to sweep the dust with a broom. Then you need to mop it up to complete the cleaning process. It can be such a time-consuming task. For some, getting a robotic vacuum can help ease the effort. But then, there are still certain areas that a robotic vacuum may not be able to reach. One might still need to do some sweeping and mopping. Having the new Duet All-In-One Floor Cleaning System can at least help make the task morte convenient. 

The Duet All-In-One Floor Cleaning System comes with a high-tech broom, sweeper, and dustpan. the system allows users to clean floors in the most efficient way possible. It comes with a microfiber dry or wet mop and a sweeping broom combo. Users can interchange between the two with just a twist, depending on what type of cleaning is needed. The microfiber mop can attract and sweep up dust and debris for easy cleaning. After that, the user can change the device into a broom to sweep up the dirt into the dustpan. For debris that stick to the mop, the dustpan comes with a board cleaning chamber to comb away the debris from the mop hands free. The dustpan itself comes with a detachable bottom for easy disposal of dirt and debris. 

The Duet All-In-One Floor Cleaning System also comes with interchangeable microfiber mop pads that can be used for dry and wet cleaning. There is also a mop pad that can be used for polishing floors. These mop pads are also machine washable to make it convenient to reuse for efficient floor cleaning. The Duet All-In-One Floor Cleaning System set is available for pre-order at Indiegogo for $40. It is expected to ship sometime in December of this year. 

Image Source: Indiegogo   

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