Dual Cylinder Travel Speaker

Some people just don’t consider merely using handy earbuds or headsets to listen to their favorite tunes on their portable music players. Sometimes, they may want to share listening to them with their friends. In such cases small and portable speakers would prove to become quite handy.

Some portable music player users may want to have the Dual Cylinder Travel Speaker as an alternative option to using earbuds or headsets. This type of portable mini-speakers provides quality stereo sound with its two magnetized speaker halves that pulls apart or stuck together. Using them is easy as plugging them into the headphone jack of your device. The Dual Cylinder Travel Speaker is rechargeable via USB. With its good sound quality, it can even be used as speakers for your laptop or even mobile phones. The Dual Cylinder Travel Speaker is available at Firebox for 30 UK pounds.

Image Source: Firebox

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