D*Table Offers Different Ways To Set It Up

Having a table at the home is an essential need. Where else would you be able to eat, take a nap while sitting or place your things when you come home from work? It is an essential object to have at any home. But its usual configuration of a simple square or rectangle may become a bit boring for you. You may be looking for a more challenging table setup. If you are, then the D*Table from D*Haus may just be the table for you.

The D*Table is quite unique in the same manner that it has a unique name configuration. That is because this unique table is not just an ordinary square table. In fact, it can be configured into 8 different table setups in different unique shapes. It is composed of 4 unique shapes that form a perfect square. The four shapes are then connected on their edges by hinges that allows them to move.

Users can then move the pieces about in order to create a different table setup that suits their current mood or feel. They can even make it fun by moving the four pieces in order to make the square table into a triangle. Only the D*Table can do that.

This unique piece of furniture also comes with a number of storage spaces, racks, cubby holes and drawers to provide different options when arranging the table into its different configurations. The hinges on the table is also removable so that users can also arrange them as separate pieces when required. D*Table is currently asking for funds from interested parties at Kickstarter. If you wish to be one of the early owners of this unique table, then you can have one by pledging 950 UK Pounds or around US$1430.

Image Source: Gizmodo

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