Drowse Buster-E Anti-Sleep Device

Driving on the road requires your full focus and attention. There are risks involved if one is not careful enough. There are also times when drowsiness can suddenly overtake a driver, especially during long, extended trips. It can be quite difficult to stay awake and focus on the road. The Drowse Buster-E Anti-Sleep Device can help address this common driving problem.  

The Drowse Buster-E Anti-Sleep Device makes use of an ancient traditional practice of acupuncture in order to help users stay awake on the road. This wearable gadget comes with a control base and a pair of ear clips attached to it via a retractable cable. The ear clips can be attached to the users earlobes and provides an adjustable pulse to each earlobe.  It can provide a strong enough stimulation that will certainly jolt any drowsy driver to stay awake while driving.   

The Drowse Buster-E Anti-Sleep Device comes with a 3-mode timer. You can use it to set the duration of using the device. There are also five massage setting options, ranging from low to high frequency pulses.  Because of this, the Drowse Buster-E Anti-Sleep Device is not ideal for use for drivers with certain health conditions such as heart diseases, blood pressure problems, skin hypersensitivity, and other conditions. It is available at Amazon for around $40.  

Image Source: Amazon 

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