DroboPro Storage Robot

The storage robot Drobo has been released in different versions before coming to a halt in 2008.  This year, the makers of Drobo are formally introducing a bigger, stronger, and more spacious DroboPro.  This 8-bay giant is aimed towards small business and creative professionals, but the average consumer would love it as well.

The DroboPro generally looks like the second-generation Drobos, using the same BeyondRAID intelligent data storage technology and is not created to be used on networks.  It can hold up to 16TB of data, has an integrated power supply, and can fully support dual-drive redundancy.  Users can switch between single- and dual-drive redundancies with a single press within the Drobo dashboard.

The DroboPro features a bunch of ports in its arsenal, from USB 2.0, twin FireWire 800 sockets, and a gigabit Ethernet jack.  Although the creators insist that it is not meant for networks, the DroboPro is open to options of connecting it to a Windows Home Server or a networked computer in order to provide network access to it.

Now, the problem is:  who can afford it?  Which small business or creative professional is willing to shell out $1,299 minimum on a completely empty DroboPro?

Image source:  DataRobotics.com

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