DrinkSavvy cup detects traces of date rape drugs

DrinkSavvy cups

DrinkSavvy cups

Eversince some sick pervert came up with an idea of taking advantage of women by secretly putting Rohypnol or Ketamine into alcoholic drinks, date rape drugs have worried young women and parents alike. These drugs are tasteless and odorless, making it undetectable until now. A company wants to stop the perceived invisibility of date rape drugs with its DrinkSavvy plastic cups and straws.

DrinkSavvy is made up of materials that are sensitive to commonly-used date rape drugs like GHB, Rohypnol, and Ketamine. The company sought the help of Dr. John MacDonald, a professor of chemistry at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, to develop the drug-detecting material.

DrinkSavvy straw

Stripes of red appear on the cup or straw once traces of such drugs are detected. Funded through Indiegogo, the first batch of DrinkSavvy is being prepared for shipping to its backers by next month and will be available to the public by “around early to mid-2014.”

For DrinkSavvy’s founder Michael Abramson, developing the DrinkSavvy is a personal pursuit. “Why do I care about this topic? Within the past three years, three of my closest friends and myself have been the unwitting victims to (consuming date rape drugs) into our drink,” the lawyer and former engineering student admitted in the product’s Indiegogo campaign.

“With over one million cases, someone close to you could come in contact with date rape drugs.”

The company also plans on incorporating the same drug-detecting materials into glassware and hopes of having DrinkSavvy products available in rape crisis centers and college campuses.

Source: Mashable

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