Drift Innovation X170 Action Camera

People who love adventure always try to look for action. Most of them would want to share their experiences to others but usually fail to do so. This might now become more of a possibility with adventurous types bringing along with them the X170 Action Camera.

The Drift Innovation X170 Action Camera can make it possible for individuals who relish on adventure sports and activities to bring people along for a ride or a taste of their experience. The X170 Action Camera is a handy all-around digital and video camera that can be attached to a helmet or other equipment quite easily with its various special mounts. The X170 Action Camera can be used either to capture action photos or videos. This special camera records directly onto an SD card with its wide angle lens that can record 720 x 480 pixels at 30fps. It can record your videos by remote control for an hour on its 2 AA batteries. The X170 Action Camera is available at Drift Innovation for US$200.

Image Source: Drift Innovation

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