DreamGlass Air Private AR Screen

The thing with new gadget market today is that it can be quite unpredictable. There is this sense of surprise sometimes whenever a new gadget comes out. But that does not always mean that it will become popular. Some gadgets may get the attention they need from the public, but it does not necessarily mean that it will become popular. The same is with the market for smart glasses. It has already been several years since the idea was launched to the general public. But there is still one type of smart glass brand that can be considered as the market leader. Some may consider that the market may still be in its infancy. There are still many opportunities for new brands to come out and catch the attention of the majority. Such may be what the new DreamGlass Air Private AR Screen may intend to do.

The new DreamGlass Air Private AR Screen will try to do away with the usual display screen by providing a portable and wearable alternative. It comes as a wearable headset that can project a 100-inch 2.5K screen in front of the wearer’s visual field. It easily connects to the most popular devices today including Android smartphones, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mac, PC, and more. The headset is lightweight and provides a comfortable fit to the wearer. The DreamGlass Air Private AR Screen also features cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology that meshes together the virtual and physical world into its screen. It comes with a 90-degree field of view, allowing a better and clear view of a display similar to a 100-inch screen. Users can enjoy watching digital content with better privacy since others may not be able to see what’s on the screen from any angle. And because you wear it, you can enjoy handsfree viewing enjoyment using the DreamGlass Air Private AR Screen. With hand gesture recognition technology features, you can even access and adjust the controls on your smartphone right from the screen. And since it is AR technology, users will still be aware of their surroundings and not be totally isolated from what is happening around them. The DreamGlass Air Private AR Screen is currently on a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. It is available for pre-order for around $289, which makes it one of the most affordable AR screen headset of its kind in the market once it comes out. Image Source: Kickstarter

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