Draw Something 2 Launched

Zynga has officially unveiled Draw Something 2, the latest edition of the popular pictionary-style mobile game app that was all the rage last year.

Draw Something 2 was introduced during Zynga’s earnings call last Wednesday. The new version of the mobile game features new modes of play, several new drawing tools, and the option to include patterns and textures into your drawings.

The game app also introduces more social aspects. Apart from having a friend of yours guess what you drew, players can follow fellow users as well. They can also “like” and comment on pictures that they are not involved in guessing.

“Draw Something 2 is a new kind of experience that blurs the line between games and social apps, yet it builds on the magic that made the original one of the most popular mobile game franchises in the world,” Zynga’s Senior Vice President of Mobile Travis Boatman said in a statement.

“Draw Something 2 gives people a creative way to connect with friends by drawing, sharing, and checking out the feed. We couldn’t be more proud of the New York mobile team that crafted the game.”

Draw Something is one of Zynga’s several acquisitions. Before buying the game and the startup behind it (OMGPOP), the game reached 50 million downloads within seven weeks after its launch in Apple’s App Store. The acquisition deal reportedly costed $180 million.

Dan Porter, founder of OMGPOP, joined Zynga post-acquisition as vice president and general manager of its New York operations. He left the company earlier this month, just one year after the deal.

Draw Something 2 is now available for iOS devices.

Source: Mashable

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