DragonFly Pod Autonomous Vehicle

More people are increasingly building up a smarter home, thanks to the technology of today. Just as this is going on, some are also trying to expand the revolution towards the environment. Smart technology is now available in the modern lifestyle in a number of different aspects. But there are still areas where it may be needed, such as the way people travel. And with the introduction of the DragonFly Pod Autonomous Vehicle, it is easier to understand why.

Smart Vehicle

Perceptin, a company known for its visual intelligence technology developed the DragonFly Pod Autonomous Vehicle.  It is the first one to integrate a patented vision-based sensor to a patented modular computing system. Together, these technologies aim to provide a safe and reliable method of  transport in low-speed environments.

The DragonFly Pod Autonomous Vehicle can travel at a top speed of 20 mph. For now, it may not be ideal for use in roads with higher speed limits such as freeways. But it does its job of transporting its passengers in areas of limited traffic. Possible applications include areas such as corporation grounds and universities. Eventually, this autonomous vehicle may progress for use in high-speed situations.

If driving can take some of your valuable time, having DragonFly Pod can be beneficial. It provides the option of driving without direct human input. Without the need to drive, passengers can use the time to spend on other more productive tasks. The AI and visual-based sensor technology in the DragonFly Pod Autonomous Vehicle allows it to “see” and understand its immediate environment. It functions even when the GPS signal is blocked. This system makes it safer in terms of identifying different obstructions and develop ways to avoid them while traveling.

Another interesting feature of the DragonFly Pod Autonomous Vehicle is its modular design that can allow people to eventually build their own AV’s. The components follow a lego-like approach where the DragonFly Pod Autonomous Vehicle can be custom-built for a specific mode of travel as well as other applications. For now, the DragonFly Pod Autonomous Vehicle initially comes as a low-speed transport. But the future for innovation in the area of intelligent modes of transport looks even brighter with its launch. The DragonFly Pod Autonomous Vehicle will be available in November of this year. It is expected to cost around $40,000.

Image Source: Perceptin

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