Dr. Music Pop Massages You Via Your Fave Tunes

A great massage always relaxes you. You can even further relax if you are being massaged while listening to your favorite tune. But what if you get your massage according to the tune you are currently listening to? That is what the new Dr. Music Pop electric massager aims to do. 

The Dr. Music Pop electric massager is a portable device that can provide you with a relaxing massage using low-frequency therapy method of relaxing your muscles. The electric massager attaches to a pad that directly sticks to your skin. Users can choose from ten different massage modes and find one that relieves the stress and relaxes the muscles. But there is more to it than just that. The Dr. Music Pop electric massager also syncs to your smartphone via low-energy Bluetooth. With the accompanying app, you can then control the massager to the ideal massage intensity you prefer.   

The Dr. Music Pop electric massager also comes with unique features compared to other massagers of its kind out there. In order to make your massages less boring, you can choose to let the electric massage sync out to your favorite tune. The massage pulses can go in sync to what you are currently listening on your smartphone, giving you a different type of massage and making each session less boring. You can sync up two units of the portable massager that you can either use on your own or share the experience with a friend or partner. Without a smartphone, you can still use the Dr. Music Pop by choosing from the 10 different massage form options available. The Dr. Music Pop electric massager is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $59 each, including three gel pads. It is expected to ship out sometime in November of this year. 

Image Source: Indiegogo 

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