Doxie Q Portable Scanner

Working with documents still requires making copies. While the world may be going the paperless route, there are still a lot of paper documents most people find important and essential. Paper receipts for example, may not yet be going out of style for a while. And if you need to digitize them you might need a scanner like the new Doxie Q Portable Scanner handy.
The Doxie Q Portable Scanner is a portable type scanner that can fit into your drawer or bag when you are not using it. It is a collapsible and flip-open automatic document feeder that can scan 8 sheets of paper in full color at any one time. It can scan at a resolution of 300 or 600 dpi. It works wirelessly with a buitl-in rechargeable battery that is good enough for up to 1,000 scans . It also can connect to a WiFi network, allowing users to sync the device online to access the scanned documents. A number of Doxie apps also allows the portable scanner to connect to your portable devices as well.
The new Doxie Q Portable Scanner weighs just a little below 1kg. An ideal companion for those who want to make digital scans of important documents, the Doxie Q Portable Scanner is now available at their website for $299.
Image Source: Doxie

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