Bang With Friends returns to App Store as Down app

Down app replaces Bang With Friends

Down app replaces Bang With Friends

Three months after Apple ejected Bang With Friends off its App Store for its alleged explicit content, the notorious hook up app is back with a new name and a different interface. Now simply known as Down app, it still lets you browse your friends list discreetly, but this time instead of notifying certain friends you want to “bang” them, it now provides a certain level of vagueness.

When checking out a friend’s profile, Down app users are provided with two options. If you prefer to hang first with this friend, swipe the screen upward to reveal a “Up to Hang” marker. (It’s the app’s vague way of indicating you are not actually interested with that buddy.) However, if you want to “get down” with a friend, swipe down to reveal a “Down” message.

Down's "Up To Hang" indicator

Down to what, you mean? It could be anything: down with hugging, down with seeing a comedy show, down with taking on a weekend road trip. If that friend is also down with you, both of you will receive a notification. It is up to you to reach out to that friend and arrange for an activity you are both down with.

The Down app’s vagueness also reflects on its home page. What used to be a scantily-clad model chilling out on a bed is replaced with a safe-for-work pink screen.

The name change also comes after Zynga sued the creators of Bang With Friends for trademark infringement regarding the use of “with friends” in both the app and the company’s brand. The original Bang With Friends app still remains on the Android version, which suggests the lawsuit is ongoing.

The Down app is available for free in the Apple Store. It requires users to be at least 17 years old before downloading the app.

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