Doppeldecker Table

A table or desk is always an essential piece of furniture around the home. It would even be better if that table serves double duty with added features. It might then seem too good to have one such as this unique Doppeldecker Table from Bernotat&Co.

The Doppeldecker Table is a unique yet simple table design that is just as functional as it is stylish. It name in German means “Doubledecker” and it rightfully suggests the way it is designed. It functions as a table that people can use for just about anything that a table is being used for. But it also doubles as an organizer desk when one side is flipped up. It hides a number of functional storage spaces where many items can be hidden or stored when not in use. It can even be primarily used as a desk instead of just a table. But then again, some would prefer using it as a dining table doubling as a storage desk. The Doppeldecker Table is not yet available for commercial use as Bernotat&Co. aims to have it on exhibit at the Dutch Design Week 2012 at Eat Drink Design this week.

Image Source: MoCo Loco

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