Don't Worry, This Ciclotte Exercise Unicycle Looks Sturdy

At first glance, you would never thought this concept design would become an actual product, but it did. In fact, this concept is so promising and aesthetic that Milan Design Museum even included this as part of its permanent collection. The futuristic-looking Ciclotte exercise bike is a unicycle-style exercise bicycle that was designed by Luca Schiepetti. It features an epicycloid crank system, a magnetized main wheel to create resistance, steel and carbon frame, adjustable seat and handlebars, and even a touchscreen display to adjust the settings.

How much it costs, you ask? Sadly, the manufacturer has yet to reveal details about the availability and cost of the Ciclotte bike. Just expect to shell off a couple of thousand dollars on this one.

Source: Wired, via Engadget

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