Donhou Bicycle travels up to 80 miles per hour

This custom-made Donhou bicycle can travel up to 80mph.

This custom-made Donhou bicycle can travel up to 80mph.

UK-based custom bicycle frame maker Tom Donhou has unveiled his latest two-wheeled creation. This special Donhou bicycle can go really fast, like 80 miles per hour fast on road test. He also revealed that indoor tests show his bike can run up to 102 miles per hour.

In comparison, a normal bike can reach speeds of around 25 miles per hour.

Built with the help of his friends, the award-winning bike designer aims to showcase the wonders of backyard engineering with this super-fast bicycle, as well as experimenting on how fast a two-wheeled vehicle could go without a motor.

The latest Douhou bicycle may look like an ordinary bike, but it is a bit different. For one, the chainring is significantly larger, thus adding more power as you pedal. The oversized chainring has 104 teeth, compared to between 20 and 50 on a normal bike. It is also positioned lower and much closer to the ground for less drag, as well as lowering the handlebars.

Testing this custom-made Donhou bicycle requires a specialized car that serves as its wind shield, while checking its pace.

In conducting his road test, Donhou reconstructed the back of his Ford Zephyr, wherein he added a frame that would serve as a giant wind shield as the bike runs behind it at the same speed as the car. It even came to a point that the custom bike actually outrun the car, only to slow it down a bit to avoid rear-ending the vehicle.

While this Donhou bicycle achieve great speeds, it is actually not enough for a world record. The fastest bike ride was set in 1995 by Fred Rompelberg at 167 mile per hour. Donhou, however, is not keen on breaking records, but on creating a bicycle with such power.

Source: Mashable

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