Dog House Sofa

For people who love dogs, many times they would have liked to have their dogs always have a comfortable life. That is why many pet lovers treat their pets the best they can, even having them live inside the home as they wish. For those who would want their pet dogs to have their own personal space inside the home, then this unique Dog House Sofa may be able to provide one.

The Dog House Sofa is designed by Korean designer Seungji Mun. The main feature of the sofa design is the arm rest that also acts as an enclosure where dogs may find to be a comfortable sleeping area. It is a dual-purpose sofa that provides the home comforts for both humans and their pets. The Dog House Sofa is an ideal furniture for those who have pets to care but may have space constraints around the home. You can check out this unique living room furniture concept at Leibal.

Image Source: Leibal

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