Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain

Pet dogs are just quite active when you let them out in the sun. They like to run and go around exploring their immediate surroundings. And with all this activity, they can get pretty thirsty easily. It is fine if you are with them while they play. They can always come to you for some water. But what if they are alone at home and out in the backyard? You forgot to refill their water tray for the day. You will surely have one poor thirsty pooch when you get home. Avoid putting your pet dog with all the trouble by getting this Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain.

The Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain is a gadget that you can attach to a tap water faucet that acts as your dog’s personal water fountain. It automatically dispenses water whenever it detects that your pooch is nearby. The Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain comes with a sonar proximity sensor built-in that can detect a dog’s presence within three inches and at a 40-degree angle. Upon detection, the device turns the faucet on and lets a cool stream of water for your pet dog to drink from. It also automatically closes once the pet leaves.

The Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain is your means of providing adequate drinking water for your dog, even while you’re away for some time. It also helps prevent your pet from drinking from any standing water from its tray, which can sometimes be a cause for kidney problems or other infections. Four C batteries provide power to the sensor for up to a year. The Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$70.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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