Does First Else Smartphone Become Vaporware?

We have yet to hear the latest from Emblaze whether its flagship First Else handset will become available while it was nowhere to be found after its supposed March beat and Q2 launch. Word is spreading that the software is not ready yet and Emblaze has been unable to forge partnerships with any major carriers.

There are also rumors about Emblaze telling its employees not to talk to the press about the smartphone. Engadget tried calling the number of the company’s mobile marketing manager and they were greeted with a very casual “hello,” without any mention of the company or the person with whom they were talking. As they ask about any updates on Emblaze Mobile, their call was transferred to the voicemail of the company’s legal team.

Well isn’t that sad? We had high hopes about its amazing Linux-based UI but it seems it gets eaten up by Android or the latest iPhone 4 even before debuting. We hope this is not the last we hear about First Else.

Source: Engadget

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