Doctor Who Tardis 4 Way USB Hub

 tardis usb hub

Virtually every electronic device on the market today is now USB-friendly – from cell phones to MP3 players and cameras to drum kits and lava lamps. One of the problems, however, is that many people find it really annoying to look for spare ports at the back of their computer. That is why USB hubs are currently the hot item in the market. There are many USB hubs available, but nothing beats Doctor Who Tardis 4-Way USB Hub both in terms of hipness and ingenuity.

Those who love Doctor Who and Time Lord Technology’s TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) will surely love the replica of the 1950s Police blue phonebox. Sitting benignly on your desk, this 11 x 6 x 6 cm hub acts as a conduit of digital information for your PC. A blue-glowing light flashes when you press the panel on the face to fire up Tardis’ engine. This is undeniably the coolest USB hub available in the market.

The four USB 2.0 ports along the base of the Doctor Who Tardis 4-Way USB Hub share 480 mbps of data. This USB hub also features a 140 cm USB cable, a pulsating lantern on the roof of the phonebox and time-travelling sound effects, which are optional and are controlled via an on/off switch. These effects are triggered when you plug a USB device into the port. Suitable for both Mac and PCs, this hub does not require any software. You can buy it for $36.95.

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