Dlodlo Glass V1 VR Glasses, The Cooler Alternative

VR glasses

VR glassesWhile many device makers are now trying to make their own version of VR glasses with the hope that its popularity takes off, it may still be a long way off before people accept them as a common device like the smartphone of today. But just like any other device out there, all it will take is the right timing and the right features for anything to become popular and wanted in the market for gadgets. Having that cool factor is a good feature to have, too. As far as VR glasses go, the new one from Dlodlo Glass V1 might be something that some may consider having.

The Dlodlo Glass V1 is just one of the many of such gadgets coming out in the market. But this pair of high tech glasses have a feature that can become its main selling point. It is marketed as the only consumer grade VR glass in the market to date.  This this wearable VR headset is the first in the world to have a real eyeglass design that makes it cooler to use, unlike the bulky designs that many VR headsets seem to follow today.  Its body is made out of ultra-thin and durable carbon fiber and silicon materials. It comes it at only 16mm thick and weighs 78 grams, making it more comfortable to wear compared to many current VR headsets out there.

The Dlodlo Glass V1 also provides 2400×1200 resolution with a 105-degree field of view. It also features a patented prediction algorithm that minimizes dynamic delay and helps reduce the dizziness most wearers experience when using a VR headset. Users can connect it to a PC or to a portable device like the Dlodlo D1 to immerse on VR content. Instead of relying on third party VR or 3D content, the Dlodlo Glass V1 works with its own VR content platform that includes hundreds of 3D videos, VR panorama clips and games its users can enjoy once they have the product. This is aside from the other independent games that are also compatible with the platform, which is based on the Android OS.

The new Dlodlo Glass V1 is expected to be available in limited quantities sometime in September of this year. Pricing details for the first of the developer models has not yet been made available.

Image Source: Dlodlo

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