Djoclate II Portable Music Mixer

Wanna be a DJ, but don’t have enough funds to purchase bulky turntables and mixers? Might as well pledge on this Kickstarter campaign. The Djoclate II (that’s “chocolate” pronounced with a Dutch accent) is a portable music mixer that easily fits a large pant pocket.

It enables wannabe Tiestos and Guettas to turn any house party into a VIP club by mixing tunes from any portable music storage device, whether it is a laptop, a smartphone, tablet or MP3 player. Everyone in the party can pitch in by plugging their devices into the Djoclate II, so you can be sure there is no sick tune left unplayed. You can blast the party mix either by plugging a stereo speaker or transmit to a Bluetooth-receiving sound system.

The Djoclate II sports two 3.5mm jacks to connect with two different music storage devices, as well as an input for the headphones so you can pre-listen to the next track before blasting it to the speakers. The virtual record box also has two faders and a bass kill on each channel. It will be shipped with two 70cm 3.5mm jack cables and a mini-USB cable to charge the device itself.

As its name suggest, the Djoclate II is the second generation of the virtual mixer. The first iteration of the device was released for retail last December and over 2,000 units have been sold in The Netherlands as of this posting.

Pepperdecks, the creators of Djoclate, wishes to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter to bring the second version to a bigger market. They have raised close to $15,000 with only 21 days to go. The creators are also asking its backers to suggest a name for their new mixer, as they plan on shipping it as “Djoclate (new name)” instead of Djoclate II.

Early backers can still pledge for their own Djoclate II for as low as $55.

Source: Kickstarter, via TechCrunch

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