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compact air drone

compact air droneAir drones are no longer the toys that some people consider them in the past. The market for drones has taken off quite quickly that they no longer seem to be a niche product. Consumers are still using them as a toy most of the time. But they have also come with added functions that may prove useful in other areas. With drones equipped with HD cameras, more people are now able to get a wide range of aerial video footage that were once just available at a steep price. And the drones are becoming more portable and functional, it becomes even more appealing to a great number of gadget lovers. This new DJI Mavic Pro Air Drone will certainly be appealing in such ways.

The DJI Mavic Pro Air Drone is just one of the many new air drones that are coming out in the market recently. But these new models of air drones come with a new feature- foldable arms. Other manufacturers have recently introduced drones with foldable arms to make them easy to carry and store. The DJI Mavic Pro belongs to this new group of drones. It also comes with foldable arms that not only protect the rotors when not in use but also help slim down its profile for easy transport and handling. With its rotor arms folded, users can easily place it in a backpack or hold it in the palm of their hand.

Despite this new slimmer feature, the DJI Mavic Pro Air Drone still comes with the advanced features that made its predecessor, the DJI Phantom so popular. It still comes with sensors placed on the top and bottom of the drone for avoiding obstacles. Other features include autonomous landing capabilities, subject tracking and indoor flight stability  without the use of GPS. The built-in camera found in the DJI Mavic Pro Air Drone is capable of shooting  and recording 4K video at 30fps and 1080p Full HD video at 96fps. The 12MP camera sensor also support capturing images in RAW format. The DJI Mavic Pro Air Drone also comes with a full charge that can power the drone for 27 minutes. It can also fly at a speed of 40mph.

When it comes to use for streaming, the DJI Mavic Pro Air Drone is also capable of streaming video signals from up to 4.3 miles away. It can even live stream videos on video sites in real time in 1080p Full HD quality. The DJI Mavic Pro Air Drone’s controller uses a smaller remote that is about the size of a NES controller with a small screen to get basic flight data such as speed, distance, height, and orientation once it goes up in the air. Users can also connect their smartphone as an added display and live streaming screen. This drone is one of the best high-end air drones in the market today based on its features. And for those who would like to have the DJI Mavic Pro Air Drone,  it is available at the DJI website for $999.

Image Source: DJI

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