Dixons Advent Altro CULV Laptops

Advent Altro CUTV laptops from Dixons

UK laptop manufacturer Dixons has launched two new CULVs (consumer ultra-low voltage) in their Advent brand that intends on taking on Apple MacBook Air.  And with the looks of it, they did not fail.

The new Dixons Advent Altro laptop comes with 13.3-inch screen, Intel Celeron CPU with 3GB of RAM and 120GB hard drive, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, USB and HDMI ports, and a multifunction connector to hook up an external port replicator.  The second version, the Elite, has all the juicy specs of the first Altro except that it runs on an Intel Core 2 Solo processor and has "a premium flush glass finish."

Both versions of the Advent Altro CULV laptops will be available at Dixons across UK beginning late August, costing £600 (around US$987) for the standard version and £800 (around US$1,316) for the Elite counterpart.  Compare those prices with the 1,149-pound MacBook Air, the Advent Altro laptops surely give value for your hard-earned, recession-washed money.  The laptops come pre-installed with Windows Vista, but you can upgrade to Windows 7 for free.

Image source:  Dixons

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