Disney Netpal by ASUS

Disney Netpal from ASUS, a netbook with Disney themes

After kids and parents waited for months, ASUS has finally made available for pre-order the first Disney-inspired netbook called Disney Netpal.  Available in "Magic Blue" (pictured) and "Princess Pink," the Disney Netpal is specifically designed with the kids and kids at heart in mind.

The Magic Blue exterior has a glossy sheen on top of its steel blue finish, while the Princess Pink makes use of playful vectors inspired from the vines around Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage adorned with pink hearts.

Beneath the beautiful finish, the Disney Netpal is ideal for tech-savvy kids with its customized Disney-inspired interface (operated on Windows XP Home Edition) complete with games and other applications.  Meanwhile, parents who are concerned of their welfare would be delighted to know that this netbook has a very comprehensive parental control system.

Despite the childlike theme, the Disney Netpal should not be belittled too easily as it is equipped with Intel Atom N270 processor with 1GB DDR2 RAM, 160GB hard drive, and a 5-hour battery life.  This netbook is now available for pre-order on Toys "R" Us and Amazon for only $350.

Image source:  ASUS

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