Disc-Go-Pod Plus Data Storage

Disc-Go-Pod Plus

 Nothing would be more horrific than finding out that all the files that you stored for back-up cannot be read because it has been dusted and scratched through time. Or you cannot play your favorite computer game because it was accidentally scratched. While scratches seemed to be a permanent defect before, the emergence of the electronic gadget called the Disc-Go-Pod Plus helps on the cleaning of CD’s and removing scratches.

Disc-Go-Pod Plus cleans and polishes the CD before it removes the scratches. A special polish liquid needs to be filled in a tank located at the back of the gadget. This polish helps make the CDs cleaner as it takes off some plastic that composes the scratches. Two options are available for repair, a 5 and 10 minute cycle. For rather heavy repairs one is advised to run the 10 minute cycle and then the 5 minute one.

To test how remarkable this gadget is, try slicing a CD with a knife (make sure it would be cut in half) and repair it with the Disc-Go-Pod Plus. Run the 10 minute cycle and wait. The CD will re-emerge as if nothing happened. Insert it in a player, wait then it will miraculously play like brand new.

The price of this gadget may not be friendly to everyone. Not all can afford $495 for a disc cleaner and this may not be advisable for people with small CD collection. This gadget is definitely not for the causal user but for business owners like Game rental and Video shops that need preservation of discs.

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