Dior Mobile Phone Targets People with Too Much Money

Dior Mobile Phone

Just in case you still have not felt the economic crunch, you might as well spend your hard-earned money on the extravagant luxuries that only Christian Dior can deliver. The couture house known for expensive dresses and accessories has introduced a newest addition to their collection: The Dior Phone.

Originally targeting the richest people of China and Russia, the Dior Phone has since become available to Europe and United States due to high demand. Why? Who does not want to feel luxurious?

The Dior Phone features a touch screen display with integrated media player, Bluetooth connection, and two-megapixel camera, all encased in a slim clamshell hand-brushed stainless steel case engraved with sapphire crystal plate arranged in its patented "Cannage" pattern. The casing alone, we think, is why this mobile phone costs at a ridiculous price of $5,000.

The whole Dior Phone collection comes in two variations: The Diamants and Cristal Saphir. The former comes in an iconic black casing, while the latter (although same in design as the Diamant) comes in white, gray, pink, and red.

But apart for all the poking fun over its seemingly ostentatious price, the Dior Phone does have one thing worth noticing. Apart from the mobile phone, it also comes with a mini-me called My Dior, which is as small as a USB key.

Simply clip in outside your bag and when you receive a call, simply use the My Dior as it communicates with your main cellphone through Bluetooth. Now you do not have to rummage through your piles within your purse just to find your phone.

Now, if only you can be able to download applications in it, as well as browse the Internet, watch movies, play games, and have an integrated GPS, the Dior Phone could be worth its steep price.

Image Source: DiorCouture.com

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