Digits Conductive Pins for Wintertime Touchscreen Ease

One of the struggles in using touchscreen devices is typing a text message or even as simple as navigating the menus with gloves on. Considering the cold weather being felt the past weeks, it would be crazy to take the gloves off just for the sake of easy touchscreen usage. While there are specialized gloves available that feature metal studs for handling the iPhone, for instance, but you wish they come in a different color, or design even.

Here come Digits, which consist of four conductive pins that can be attached to your favorite knit gloves (note that these cannot be attached to leather gloves). Each pin comes in two parts: one that can be put inside the glove and the other that is attached on the outside.

A set of Digits costs US$13.99 on Quirky.

Source: Gizmodo, via Engadget

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