Digital Photo Frame Buying Guide

A digital picture frame comes as a welcoming gadget to display digital images without the need to print them. They have become a necessary accessory to digital cameras, especially that a lot of digital photos never get printed anyway.

This device works by inserting your digital camera’s memory card into the frame’s reader and the digital photo frame instantly displays your images as a slideshow through a LCD screen.

Being a new invention, many people have no idea what standards to look for when buying a digital photo frame. Here are some helpful tips.

Check the LCD screen – The frame’s viewable area is a very important feature to consider. Screens range from 1.1 inches to as much as over 15 inches (remember that screens are measured as the length of a diagonal line from one corner to the other). Also, make sure that it has high screen resolution (so the photos can be seen at a higher quality) and brightness (so the images can be seen even in daylight).

Check for compatibility – Make sure the digital photo frame you are purchasing accepts the appropriate memory card for your digital camera. Although some frames have a multi-memory card reader, make sure that your memory card is not missed out.

Check for USB port, if needed – You may want to transfer photos saved from your computer without having to go through the hassle of saving it to a memory card reader. Some digital photo frames have a USB port that allows you to transfer files or pictures from your computer to the frame, or you could simply link the frame to your computer so the digital photo frame displays images and files from the host computer.

Check for internal flash memory, if needed – Some digital photo frames come with the convenience of having your pictures saved into the gadget without the need of memory cards being inserted to it. The size of the internal flash memory determines how many pictures or files can be saved onto the frame.

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