Digital Password Storage Vault

Digital Password Storage VaultPeople who go online and value security know how important it is to have good passwords. It helps protect online accounts from possible hacking or identity theft. But with the need for unique passwords that also needs to be changed regularly, it can be difficult for people to keep track of all of them, depending on how many online accounts they have. Sometimes, it is even more difficult trying to retrieve an account because of typing in a wrong password. Effective password management has become an important task for many savvy online users. It becomes more convenient using a device such as the Digital Password Storage Vault.

The Digital Password Storage Vault is a simple and yet valuable device for storing and managing your precious passwords. The device can store and protect up to 3,000 different passwords of your various online accounts. It becomes similar to a digital phonebook, but having your passwords instead of phone numbers to help you remember them.

The Digital Password Storage Vault comes with a pop-up full QWERTY keyboard for easy typing of your passwords. A master password ensures that you keep your password protected from unauthorized access. The internal flash memory will prevent losing the data stored in the device in cases where you need to change the 2 AAA batteries. The Digital Password Storage Vault is available at the Whatever Works site for $40.

Image Source: Whatever Works


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