Digital Pacifier Thermometer

Digital pacifier thermometer

When your baby gets sick, his/her temperature should be monitored very closely. Checking your baby’s temperature is usually before and after taking their medication. Taking your baby’s temperature is probably the hardest part because babies can get restless and irritable, and because they are not feeling well, they tend to move and cry a lot to convey this message.

Using the old thermometer – glass and mercury – might be difficult and dangerous. Since your baby gets irritable when you stick it in his/her armpits or mouth, the glass could break – which in itself is already quite dangerous – and the mercury could leak, which is even more dangerous.

Your best bet is probably the ear thermometer which is safe and easy to use, and only requires a few seconds for it get your baby’s temperature. However, ear thermometers are quite costly.

For moms who want tehe best tools for their kids health, yet are on a tight budget, your solution is here.

How it works?

The pacifier thermometer is safe yet efficient. It functions just like an ordinary pacifier. Just put it in your child’s mouth and wait until the pacifier beeps. The beep means the reading is complete. The reading is either in celsius or fahrenheit. The pacifier thermometer also has a Fever Alert glow feature which lights up either in green or red to tell you whether your baby has to be checked by his/her pediatrician.

The Pacifier Thermometer is a safe and accurate way to take and monitor your baby’s temperature. Plus,it’s also very affordable at only $9.99.

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