Digital Blue Night Vision Camera

Digital Blue Night Vision Camera

The technology of making seeing in the dark possible is no longer restricted to the military. The technology is now available for the consumer market to exploit. That is why you may now have digital cameras with night vision features. And with the Digital Blue Night Vision Camera, kids might now even be able to record movies in the dark.

The Digital Blue Night Vision Camcorder is a fully functioning digital video camera armed with night vision technology. It sports a 1.3 megapixel camera sensor able to record video at 640 x 480 VGA resolution. A 2" color TFT LCD screen allows you to view what you are recording even while in the dark. It makes use of infrared illumination recording in the dark that is effective for distances of up to 40 feet.

The camera itself can record up to 2 minutes of video which can go up to as long as 75 minutes if fitted with an expanded 2GB SD or MMC card. It is designed for kids 7 years old and up. It’s available at Digital Blue for US$80.

Image Source: Digital Blue

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