Devotec Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers

Devotec Solar Powered Wireless Speakers

Devotec Industries has been known for developing products that utilize the power of the sun, most notably solar chargers.  With the success of providing portable devices that do not need wires nor batteries, Devotec may once again hit the mark with its new solar-powered wireless speakers.

Imagine you are out on a pool party and you want to play your favorite tunes from your personal media player, but you could barely hear any if you take off your earphones.  So what to do?  Bring out a solar-powered speaker that you can connect to your media player via Bluetooth-or with a retractable cable for non-Bluetooth devices-and the music blares out of its 2W speakers.

Other features in this wireless speaker include a built-in mic for a hands-free call when paired with a cellphone, a touch-screen panel display, and up to 8 hours of internal battery life that you can recharge between 12 to 24 hours using its solar panel (or up to four hours using AC adaptor or USB).

The Devotec Solar Sound Bluetooth Speakers is available on its official website for $79.99.

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