Developments on Windows Phone Mango’s Games Hub Revealed

Microsoft has introduced the latest developments on its Windows Phone Mango, particularly with its new Games Hub. One of the biggest changes on the Hub is that it now features that were used to be relegated to a separate Xbox Live Extras app. This includes Xbox Live messaging, integrated achievements, and the ability to edit the user’s Xbox Live profile down to its fully animated 3D avatars. Players can even compare their achievements with their friends.

The 3D avatars even move depending on how the user treats the Windows Phone. Shaking the phone would make the avatar dance or even faint; abusing the phone too much and the avatar might even lash out at the user.

Another improvement is the Hub’s Collection view that lets users manage their installed Windows Phone games more easily. Games are used to be sorted alphabetically, featuring the icon on the left of the list and the name on the right. Now, if the phone has more than 20 games, the list would feature the last three titles the user has played.

Seeing these developments make me more excited about its Fall release.

Source: Windows Team Blog, via Engadget

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