Despite the Hype, Only 5% of Americans Have Tablets

With all the talk about tablets, you would expect that these devices are the next best thing in electronics after smartphones. However, a study conducted by Nielsen indicate that is not the case. Of the 12,000 American consumers surveyed, only about five percent own a tablet.

The number is even smaller in countries with smaller populations, like the United Kingdom. Paul Lee of TMT Research estimates that only one out of sixty people in the UK, or 1.7 percent, are tablet owners. What is even more shocking is that tablets are behind other wireless devices in terms of penetration and rate of adoption.

These studies may sound bad news, but it actually shows how vast the market tablet makers–particularly every company but Apple–can claim. In the same Nielsen report, 80 percent of the tablet market is held by non-iPads. The five percent who do own a tablet, meanwhile, is an attractive target market for advertisers and media content providers. They watch more videos, read more books, are more accepting towards advertising, and are more likely to respond to ads compared to those using smartphones and other gadgets.

Source: Moconews

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