Desk Phone Dock

The iPhone might be one of the most recognizable gadgets around today. It has become quite popular so much so that a lot of other devices have been developed around it. There are now quite a lot of iPhone docks available today. It may take a lot to get one’s attention due to their numbers.

Uniqueness may become the first thing that come to mind when one looks for an iPhone dock station among the hundreds that are available today. Probably one of those that belong into this category is this new Desk Phone Dock. For one, it doesn’t try to outdo the iPhone in terms of design. What this unique docking station does is combine a recent gadget with one just as popular from the past- the common desk phone modernized and made more sophisticated.

When the iPhone is attached to the Desk Phone Dock, it becomes a part of a typical desk phone, but with a twist. This docking station has its own handset that can be used to answer calls. It also has its own speakerphone mode just in case. No other details are available for the Desk Phone Dock except that the striking photos available online has been gathering some attention. Those who are interested to have this docking station may have to wait a bit more.

Image Source: Desk Phone Dock


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