Depstech USB Endoscope

Many inventions can sometimes function in a way that may not be what it was really meant to do. The endoscope for example, has an initial function as a portable medical micro camera that provides doctors with an internal view of the body’s organs, usually the stomach. But people have found other possible uses for it. That’s the reason why gadgets like the Depstech USB Endoscope gets developed.

The Depstech USB Endoscope is a relatively unique compared to ordinary camera. The 8.5 mm diameter camera head that comes with 6 adjustable LED’s and a 2MP CMOS HD camera. It comes with a semi-rigid 5-meter long felxible body thag allows it to peek into hard-to-reach and hard-to-see areas. Users can view what the camera sees when the USB endoscope is connected to a smartphone, tablet or computer using an app.

For this, the Depstech USB Endoscope is ideal for use in many areas such as vehicle repair, home inspection and maintenance, as well as other jobs that require visual inspection in tight spaces. It is a great tool that will make some tasks more convenient than how they are done previously. The Depstech USB Endoscope is available on Amazon for $26.

Image Source: Amazon

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