Denso Takes Smartphone Integration Literally

While car manufacturers are coming up with their take on smartphone integration, Japan-based Denso has taken the technology literally. The company unveils its futuristic dashboard, the highlight being a slot on the steering wheel where an iPhone can be embedded right in.

Putting the iPhone on the steering wheel activates an infotainment system and a circular LCD above it, which displays an array of widgets that can be activated via the iPhone. One interesting widget is the one that analyzes how fast the car should go if the driver wants to miss all of the traffic lights along the way. The idea is to save fuel by not stopping and starting over and over.

Another widget alarms the driver as he is about to doze off. The driver’s alertness level is measured with the help of a webcam perched on top of the dashboard; its sole responsibility is to monitor his face and eyes. Once the eyelids and or the face drops below a threshold and the dashboard begins to blink with red lights as it tries to catch the driver’s attention to park on the side and grab a cup of coffee or take a quick nap.

No word when the technology will be included in Denso’s future car models.

Source: Engadget

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