Deluxe Designated Driver Drink Caddy

drink caddy

If you love the game of golf but do not like to spend too much on hefty country club membership fees, you may have experienced how it feels to be thirsty while playing the whole course. You cannot ask the chauffeur for a bottle of water because you are not a member, and at the same time you are not allowed to bring drinks bought from outside the country club.

This is when a hidden drink dispenser comes in handy, although most of the time the "stealth" part is more likely discovered in one way or another. But not in the case when the drink dispenser is disguised as a golf club.

The After 5 Catalog has introduced the Deluxe Designated Driver Drink Caddy that allows golfers to bring up to 54 ounces of their favorite refreshment, hot or cold, right onto the course without the fear that it might be found by country club security. It is slyly hidden within a seemingly innocent regulation driver club, but with a press of a button located at the top of the cooler’s head, the club dispenses your beverage right into your mug.

For a more disguised look, the catalog recommends having the cooler being put in the golf bag’s side pocket. It does not interfere with your other golf clubs. The club comes with four AA batteries, while the head is detachable for easy cleanup.

It is an ideal gift not only for yourself, but to other golfers who feel the need for coffee and tea. Costs $119.

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