Dell's Inspiron 6000d Notebook

Dell inspiration 6000d

Great looks. That’s what Dell’s Inspiron 6000d notebook has to offer but it appears that it’s everything that it can offer. The Inspiron has a metallic gray finish, with white accents that drew admiring glances, but it is a disappointment because it doesn’t offer the software most commonly used to make some tasks enjoyable.

It omitted a TV tuner and the Windows Media Center edition software. The Word Processing is only the Corel’s WordPerfect. This is what it can offer for a computer designed for photo editing, music downloading and TV watching.

Inspiron 6000d employs a chipset that leaves room for adding a PCI Express enabled graphic chip, making an improvement in the graphics, another thing to boast upon by the brand. However, even simple functions involved in watching a movie raises to clumsy steps that other laptops do not require.

The machine tends to slow down to a crawl for games and movies, and one should always mind the choppy sound, making everything unplayable. To top it all, the Wi-Fi connection easily wears out in a short period of time. Establishing a connection could equate to a miracle.

Basically, this notebook might yield frustration for entertainment and game lovers, but it’s still worth a try for users who don’t actually care for these things.

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