Dell Zino HD Mini PC

Dell Inspiron Zino HD mini PC

Dell recently introduced the Inspiron Zino HD mini PC, a compact desktop computer that is versatile enough to handle basic computing tasks and running a big-screen, high-def media files.  It features a wide range of cover colors and spec options with up to 8GB dual channel DDR2 RAM, up to 1TB hard disk, DVD-CD RW drive with optional Blu-ray combo, your choice of AMD or Dual Core Athlon Neo X2 processors, built-in high-definition audio, four-in-one media card reader, four USB ports, and your choice of Windows OS from Vista Home Basic through 7 Professional.

Measuring at 7.75 inches square and 3.5 inches tall, it includes standard HD-capable integrated graphics card, HDMI output, and built-in networking, making an ideal home computer for word processing, e-mail, photo organization, music listening, and Internet browsing.  The Dell Inspiron is available at starting at US$229.

Image source:  Dell

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