Dell XPS M1710

dell XPS M1710

Dell has something for all PC gamers out there – the Dell XPS M1710. This notebook has an Intel Core Duo processo that goes up to 2.16 gigahertz. It also has 4 gigabytes of RAM. Also, for its graphics card, it has the latest of them all. It’s the nVidia Go 7900 GTX with at least 512 megabytes of memory.

The Dell XPS M1710 has 2 gigabytes worth of memory that goes up to at least 667 megahertz, along with 2 DIMM slots that goes up to 1 gigabyte each. For its screen, it has the WUXGA Truelife with a display resolution of 1920 x 1200. Also, it has an 8x CD/DV burner with Dual-Layer and an integrated subwoofer.

The notebook runs with the Microsoft MCE 2005 and has a 9-cell lithium ion rechargeable battery. Plus, it has several ports in it for the 5-in-1 Memory Card reader, VGA video output, DVI-D, S-Video, IEEE 1394, 6 USB 2.0 and an Express Card Slot. It also has ports for the Ethernet and Modem.

With its fiery red color, or with its metallic black tone, it surely is an eye-catcher. It is even more striking in a dark environment. This notebook glows like some UFO as it sits in the dim. It may be eerie but very cool, in a way. Moreover, the speakers deliver a fair amount of audio entertainment.

The Dell XPS M1710 is available for purchase online at as well as other computer shops online. It costs at about $4,215 if you want to have it configured. But for its base price, it starts at about $2,600.

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