Dell XPS 12 Hybrid PC

The computer market is currently undergoing a relative change in direction. With more and more people preferring portability and mobile computing on the go, makers are trying to develop devices that adhere to the new established standards. And with experts saying that the typical desktop PC is slowly fading into obscurity, it is the portable computing devices that will also be taking over in due time. And with this, some of the companies today who were once leaders in the desktop market are slowly putting their focus more on mobile computing. This shift in direction has led Dell to offer new mobile computing devices such as this unique Dell XPS 12 Hybrid computer.

The Dell XPS 12 Hybrid PC is a convertible laptop that comes with a unique design- a flip hinge screen. This designed allows users to switch from a full featured laptop to a full featured touchscreen tablet easily. The Dell XPS 12 runs on the new Window s 8 OS ad comes with a Full HD display with 90 percent more pixels than a standard HD display. The Dell XPS 12 Hybrid PC is currently available for pre-order at Dell. Prices for this unique hybrid PC start at US$1200.

Image Source: Dell

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