Dell XPS 10 Tablet Hybrid

Tablet hybrids are fast becoming a more common sight nowadays. While there is still not a lot of them around, the market for tablet and laptop hybrids seem to be becoming even more interesting with people looking for that next hot gadget. In terms of approach, the newly announced Dell XPS 10 Tablet Hybrid may be following a different tune than the rest.

Dell has recently announced one of its new products in the form of the XPS 10 Tablet Hybrid. As with most tablet hybrids today, this tablet also acts as a convenient laptop with its own QWERTY keyboard to use with. But it is in the approach that Dell XPS 10 Tablet Hybrid aims to stand out.

While most device makers try to create a hybrid that works primarily as a laptop with tablet features, the Dell XPS 10 Hybrid is designed the other way around. It is a tablet hybrid because laptop functions have been added into it. It comes with a detachable keyboard that easily converts it either into a tablet or into a notebook.

One other evidence that the Dell XPS 10 is designed primarily as a tablet first and a laptop second can be seen on the type of OS it uses. The new Dell XPS 10 comes pre-loaded with a lighter Windows RT OS. The new Dell XPS 10 also features an ARM processor and comes with a keyboard dock for some more convenient and classic typing practice. A long battery life ensures that users can have hours and hours of fun using the tablet hybrid. But it is just as ready to serve as a capable computing device when work calls up. The Dell XPS 10 Tablet Hybrid was just recently introduced in the market. And it certainly will capture the imagination of its users, knowing that this is a tablet that doubles as a laptop, and not the other way around. Prices and availability of this device is yet to be officially known.

Image Source: Dell

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