Dell Streak to Arrive Stateside on August 13

Finally, the Dell Streak is coming to the United States this Friday the 13th. You can opt for a two-year contract with AT&T and pay US$299.99 or go for freedom and buy it at $549.99 unlocked. Plus, if you signed up during the pre-sale, you could place your order a day earlier. Sounds neat, right?

However, it is still unsure whether the Stateside Dell Streak will come in anything more advanced than Android 1.6. Cross your fingers that it will arrive with a 2.1 update and 720p video capture.

Still have no idea what Dell Streak is about? It is actually a smartphone sized a bit larger than the iPhone. It has widescreen display, integrated social networking functions, damage-resistant glass screen, Google Maps with navigation, text-to-voice, and turn-by-turn directions with Street View.

Source: Engadget

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