Dell Preloads Iron Man Movies on Computers

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Dell Computers will now be available with a preloaded movie when you buy them.   Initially the only movie they are preloading is ‘Iron Man’.

Dell and Paramount Pictures are in this promotion together.  However it’s  unclear what they are trying to achieve.  According to Dell, they want people to get used to the idea of digital films on their computers.   ‘Iron Man’ is the initial offering but Dell plans to expand this concept to preloading movies of customer’s choice when purchasing their new computer.  Moreover, they’re also thinking of putting up a service competing with Apple iTunes and this is the first step.

The whole promotion is vague, unclear and from some views absurd.  First thing, nobody buys a computer for a movie.  Second, the movie is not even free, oh yes, to have the movie preloaded on the brand new PC, there’s a $20 fee on top of the $1200 for the purchase of the PC.  Third, DRM.

Absurd is the word that comes to mind when spending $20 dollars for a DRM’ed preloaded movie on a brand new PC.  For one thing, the Blu-ray copy is $25 dollars, hi-def.   For another thing, the movie costs $14.99 on iTunes.  Lastly, a little searching and you can get the movie for free through torrents or even online streaming.

So what exactly is Dell trying to prove? We cannot question Paramount anyway since this is just a free distribution program for them so we’re back to Dell. 

Dell has not released a statement explaining the move however this may only just be a marketing ploy.  Will it increase sales? Probably not. 

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