Dell Optiplex 160 Tiny Desktop

Dell Optiplex 160 Tiny Desktop

Looking at the Dell Optiplex 160 Tiny Desktop, you may notice right away that it might look different from a typical desktop you have in mind. For a while there, you might even consider it to be a router other than a CPU from a distance. That is how the Dell Optiplex 160 may look like at first glance.

What makes it quite an interesting desktop to have is obviously its size. Everything is streamlined to save space. The CPU can be seen as a much smaller version of a typical tower model. It weighs only about 2 kilograms and measures 22.9 cm high, 4.7 cm wide and 22.5 cm long. It is powered by an Intel Atom single core processor, 80 GB SATA hard drive, 1GB DDR2 memory and comes with integrated video and the Vista Home Basic.

In terms of saving space, the Dell Optiplex 160 Tiny Desktop gets the job done. The only problem might be that this space saving desktop has to forego having a built in optical disk drive to remain as small as it is. But that is something that having an external DVD drive would solve, if you wish to fork up additional dollars for it. The Dell Optiplex 160 Tiny Desktop is priced at US$563, CPU only.

Image Source: Dell

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