Dell Offers Customizable Inspiron Desktop PC's

Dell Inspiron Slim

Dell was known as a PC maker that offers hardware and software customization as its main selling point. In fact, the company started by selling PC’s by customizing them according to the hardware needs of its users. And from that point on, Dell has made PC customization an integral part of their product offers. But these customization options are usually limited to PC hardware. Well, that won’t be the case anymore.

Dell has recently announced that it will now start offering customized color and design options for their Inspiron Slim desktop line. The new desktops will be available with different colored front panels to choose from. Customers can now choose better looking Inspiron Slim desktops with either white, black, red, blue, orange, green, purple or pink front panels. This is aside from having desktops that can be customized to either use an Intel or AMD processor, integrated graphics or video cards as well as from 1 to 8 GB RAM. HDD storage can also be upgraded up to 750GB. It’s available at Dell where the price for such customizable Inspiron Slim desktops and mini-towers starts at US$289.

Image Source: Dell

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